The ETOP Conferences Slide Decks are designed to highlight and summarise key findings in thoracic oncology from the major congresses like ASCO, ESMO and WCLC. These slide sets are realized with the kind support of Eli Lilly.

Please find here the 2021 ASCO® Annual Meeting slide decks, realised with support by Eli Lilly.

document ETOP ASCO 2021 English (5.31 MB)

pdf ETOP ASCO 2021 English (2.64 MB)

document ETOP ASCO21 French (5.31 MB)

pdf ETOP ASCO21 French (2.65 MB)

document ETOP ASCO21 Chinese (5.31 MB)

pdf ETOP ASCO21 Chinese (2.99 MB)

document ETOP ASCO21 Japanese (5.32 MB)

pdf ETOP ASCO21 Japanese (3.17 MB)


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