The two highly respected clinical and translational cancer research foundations European Thoracic Oncology Platform and International Breast Cancer Study Group have decided to merge and to form a joint entity: ETOP IBCSG Partners Foundation.



ETOP, founded 2009, has become the leading European organization performing international clinical and translational research in thoracic malignancies.


IBCSG, formed in 1977, is renowned for its clinical and translational research in breast cancer and has been a pioneer in research into combined hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, timing and duration of adjuvant therapies and the assessment of quality of life.


This merger brings together two strong and equal partners which collectively have a global reach with collaborative projects in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Both foundations make use of the Coordinating Center in Berne as well as collaborate with Frontier Science Foundation in Greece and the USA to encompass all needed expertise to execute and coordinate clinical and translational cancer research on an international level.


ETOP IBCSG Partners Foundation will maintain and continue the leading scientific research in thoracic malignancies and breast cancer and will be open to promote and conduct international clinical research on other topics. With regard to the Coordinating Center in Berne, the newly formed foundation will bring synergy and broadened competency.


In sum, the merger joins two highly recognized innovators in clinical and translational research, which will strengthen the position as an international academic research organization.